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Attorney Ethics In Bankruptcy

This does not come as a surprise to many in the Bankruptcy field, but attorney Randolph Goldberg has plead guilty to tax evasion in Federal Court.  Though I was surprised at the terms of the deal worked out, I was not surprised by the indictment.  I have represented many clients who first met with other bankruptcy attorney’s with comparable moral character and got them through the Bankruptcy process without any of the heart ache that goes along with the bankruptcy ...

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Loans are Still Being Modified

Many clients have asked me if they are still able to do loan modifications.  I typically respond with an emphatic yes. However, many offices do not handle loan modifications, or do not know the process of properly documenting your income or expenses which may leave you being denied a loan modification when you would otherwise qualify for one.

One of my clients was renting a room to her mother to help cover her mortgage expenses when she lost her job.  She ...

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Bankruptcy Relief

When most people mention bankruptcy relief they are referring to the Automatic Stay in which the automatic stay prevents creditors from being able to sue and harass the debtor. However, this is only the legal aspect. What is often overlooked is the relief that the debtor experiences because they are addressing their financial problems.

Bankruptcy is typically a last resort for most bankruptcy filers. They have looked everywhere for money, drained their retirement account, used payday loans, ...

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Costs of Litigation

Had another good day in Court where I was able to save a client $400.00 in translation costs and about six weeks of waiting. Though the documents were in Spanish, the judge accepted the Court translators summary of the documents because the documents were still made a record of the Court and a translator known to the Court CAN be sufficient to meet the Court’s evidentiary requirement. It just depends on the judge.

That is why it ...

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Affordable Legal Services

Another client came back and retained our office after price shopping. A simple joint petition for divorce for a client that had only been married for a few months. I don’t know how someone could request a $3,5000.00 retainer for a project that would only take the attorney 2 hours with another 2 hours in paralegal work. But there are many attorneys out there that do request an arm and a leg to start to work.

Now ...

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You Need An Attorney At Court

I was at another Court appearance the other day which illustrated why you need an attorney at Court.

I was representing the mother on a custody case and the father was representing himself. It was the father’s motion so he was allowed to speak first. He said a few words on how he wanted to see his daughter and have joint custody like they used to have and then sat down.

Well, the father neglected to ...

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Best Ticket Reduction Ever

This happened a few months ago and deserves its own post. My client was in a bit of a rush to work. He was doing 108 mph in a 25 mph zone. He was in fact going 83 mph over the speed limit. For those who are not familiar with speeding tickets – typically anything over twice the speed limit is considered a reckless driving . You get arrested for those.

For what ever reason, this officer took pity on my ...

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Facts and Law Win At Court

November was another great month. Through petitioning the court to have the children interviewed (2 boys under the age of 13) the judge was able to determine that that the mother had been lying about how much time she spent with her children. Additionally, the interviews revealed that the mother failed to keep a clean house and had even shoplifted in front of one of the children. The Court admonished the mother to come to a stipulated custody agreement with ...

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Congratulations, Becky Harris!

Congratulations, Becky Harris!

We are proud to announce that Becky Harris is running for Assembly District 21 in Las Vegas, NV .  We heartily endorse Becky in these endeavors and recommend her to you highly.  Although she is campaigning, Becky is maintaining her law practice, keeping Nevadans in their homes, through loan modification and debt reduction techniques.


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