Product Defect (Automotive)

Most traffic accidents in Las Vegas are caused by negligence, that is, someone either not paying attention to what they should be, or doing something they aren’t supposed to. However, occasionally the products we have come to depend on for our safety can fail, with potentially devastating consequences.

In an accident, consumers depend on the safety devices in their vehicles to minimize their risk, however this equipment can and does fail. Brake failure and tire blowouts can cause an accident to happen, even under perfect conditions.

Defective Seatbelts may cause injuries to the chest, arms, head and neck during a collision. Similarly, defective airbag injuries may occur when either the bag explodes too soon, only partially inflates, or fails completely, leaving a driver or passenger vulnerable on impact.

If equipment that was designed to keep you safe failed, injuring you, or someone you care about, The Law Offices of Patrick Driscoll LLC. wants you help you put the pain behind you and help you move toward your bright future.

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