Child Custody

The care and wellbeing of the children is of prime concern to any family that has undergone a divorce or child custody matter. Child related issues typically involve both Child Custody and Child Support.

There are forms of child custody in Nevada: Legal Custody and Physical Custody.



Legal Custody governs decisions such as medical, schooling, and religious issues. Joint Legal Custody, where both parents have equal rights, is the most common form of legal custody in Nevada divorce cases.

Physical Custody determines whom the children live with and for what period of time.

Joint Physical Custody is where both parents share approximately equal time. The Family Courts’ tendency is to keep both parents actively involved in the upbringing of their minor children and often grant both parents Joint Physical Custody.

Primary Physical Custody is where one parent has the children living with them the majority of the time and is the primary caregiver for the day to day needs of the children.

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