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Loans are Still Being Modified

Many clients have asked me if they are still able to do loan modifications.  I typically respond with an emphatic yes. However, many offices do not handle loan modifications, or do not know the process of properly documenting your income or expenses which may leave you being denied a loan modification when you would otherwise qualify for one.

One of my clients was renting a room to her mother to help cover her mortgage expenses when she lost her job.  She did not document this when she tried to process her own modification and was denied.  Others try to lower their income and fail to show enough income to qualify.

By working with an experienced loan modification attorney you increase your chances of being accepted for a loan modification.

We just received paperwork to reduce a clients mortgage payment by over 60%.  He was paying $2,800.00 and now is paying approximately $1,050.00.   Set up an appointment today and see if we can do the same for you.