Comprehensive Debt Management

What is Comprehensive Debt Management?

Comprehensive Debt Management fuses the tools and techniques of Mortgage Modification, Credit Card Debt Negotiation, Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement and Mediation into a framework that is customized to suit each client’s specific needs. Our firm creates a plan for our client that takes in to account the entirety of the client’s debt-load, not just a single facet.

While some firms in Las Vegas advertise one-size-fits-all Bankruptcy or Short Sale packages, The Law Offices Of Patrick Driscoll recognizes that each debt-load is as unique as the client. Our approach to Comprehensive Debt Management allows our customers to:

  • Eliminate Credit Card Bills
  • Lower Monthly Bills
  • Secure a Short-Sale
  • Avoid Foreclosure
  • Discharge Debt Through Bankruptcy
  • Repair Their Credit Report

We believe in collaborating with our clients to determine their individual needs and goals, then determining a course of action which allows those goals to be attained.

How does it work?

Our method differs from others in that we approach our clients’ debt-load not as a series of individual accounts with little or no bearing on each other, but as an interconnected system with each debt influencing and impacting each other in addition to our clients’ overall credit rating.

We expend time and effort developing strong working relationships with each creditor. Our firm prides itself on maintaining extremely close contact with creditors throughout the entirety of the process. This contact forces creditors to address the offers being made and keeps our clients from being placed on the “back burner.”

Our distinct analysis, combined with our relationships creates a streamlined process which enables our office to avoid many common pitfalls associated with traditional Debt Negotiation.

Does Comprehensive Debt Management Get Results?

In a word, yes! Our office has been able to effectively eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for our clients. We’ve been able to successfully negotiate second mortgages and credit card debt for pennies on the dollar; decreasing our clients’ debt load while protecting and enhancing their credit. We’ve been able to stop foreclosures and keep people in their homes.

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